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Mounting a few speakers in the hallway and putting a PA amplifier somewhere? There are projects like that. But they are becoming rarer. The sound system technology is developing faster and faster, is becoming more and more complex and is growing together with other industries – such as sound and light as an overall concept that is connected to the IT system of a building. And optimally not just connected somehow, but in a user-friendly and centrally controllable way. But which products and technologies are needed in a budget to remain future-proof and maintenance-friendly? As a solution seller, we are in our element here. You do the planning. We'll take care of the rest. For a successful project.


As a solution seller, we think of sound systems as a solution-oriented overall concept and not as a mixed bag of individual components.

Are you a retailer, installer or specialist planner and have questions?

Sven Schindler has answers:

Benefit from our technical expertise in various sound system scenarios

Whether camping site, car dealership, hairdressing salon, mosque, lecture hall or restaurant – we have many years of experience in every case. Of course, every building is different. And every room has its own material and acoustic properties. Our experts, however, have two trained ears for good technical solutions that pay attention to every detail of the space. We immediately have the right chassis in mind for the right radiation angle. You need very specific frequencies at a very specific volume? No problem. Our range is huge. In a nutshell: You have the concept – we support you with the exact sound solution that makes your vision shine.

Your personal contact at MONACOR is your "sparring partner" for an optimal project.

You are the pro when it comes to planning. We complement your specialist knowledge with our expertise in all aspects of the right products. You work directly with our technicians as a specialist planner or architect. In a direct way. Without delays. There is no anonymous call centre at MONACOR. A good sound system solution, a good partnership, only works in direct coordination and with tailored advice. You work as a specialist planner or architect with one of our technicians right here with us in Bremen. Because they know every screw and bolt in our range by heart. Especially for long, larger projects, we also provide advice actively and contribute our technical perspective. After all, we all want the same thing: To see the user with beaming eyes at the end of the project when he tests the PA system.

PA solutions from MONACOR mean: We are also available for your partners after the project has ended

It is often plain catastrophic when a sound system fails or is damaged during operation. When we work with planners and architects, we always think about the long-term success of the project. The bottom line is that we work together for a client who should be happy – even years after the project has been completed. Our Technical Customer Service. The consists of experienced developers and engineers and is a key part of our range of services. We know: As a planner or architect, you are often the first point of contact if something does not work months after construction or renovation. Then we don't duck away, but are there for your customer and for our project partners. We also have an nearly complete stock of spare parts and an extensive technical archive. This results in the fastest reaction and processing times for you (and your project partners).

PA solutions for retail and services

PA technology in retail can have different objectives: Increasing the length of stay in the building, creating a certain atmosphere, getting guests into a faster buying and walking rhythm. In addition, there is often a legal obligation for a voice alarm system – without much technical leeway. But we are also professionals for the icing on the cake : A high-quality, customer-friendly sound system with optically unobtrusive speaker technology. That's why the right speakers for background or foreground music are crucial. We offer loudspeaker systems that combine high-quality, scalable music reproduction with the most convenient operation. Extremely compact built-in amplifiers like our IWA-50WIFI/WS combined with powerful, elegant PA hi-fi wall-mounted and ceiling loudspeakers result in flexible multi-room solutions.

PA solutions in educational institutions

Classrooms, school corridors, lecture halls: Where the intellectual future is being built, good sound supports the learning environment in a crucial way. Be it by means of announcements, a breaktime bell or a multimedia connection in the classroom. All of this is possible using classic 100-volt technology, but also – if the digital structure is available – can be implemented via audio-over-IP solutions. When it comes to the assembly hall or the schoolyard, we offer mobile sound systems that are multifunctional and can take on multiple tasks at different locations. Technology that transmits speech – and does so safely and with high quality from one place to many ears without the sound tiring the listeners – is particularly important here. We have solutions of all sizes for mobile applications: Be it via classic hand-held microphones or pocket transmitter systems.

PA solutions in religious institutions

Churches present particularly challenging acoustic scenarios. But there are also areas of tension here in terms of aesthetics and architecture. The radiation behaviour is particularly important, as are the aesthetics. Listed building protection can be an issue, classic wall mounting and ceiling suspension is not always possible. All the same, excellent speech intelligibility is also needed in these areas. We offer various sound columns for this purpose in our range, with which we can provide targeted and discreet sound for churches, mosques and synagogues – in every nook and cranny you can imagine. We naturally also consider versatile feed options for audio playback and hearing support through electromagnetic induction directly to hearing aids.


Pair of slim line array design speakers…
These super slimline speaker systems are the perfect solution whenever unobtrusive PA technology and a high-quality sound are required at…


PA column speaker, black
PA column speaker 100 V line technology or 8 Ω operation 2-way version (with additional integrated tweeter for a clearly improved sound) …


PA column speaker, aluminium, slimline
Particularly Slim Design PA column speaker, in an extruded aluminium cabinet, with top and bottom plates of aluminium. 100 V line…

PA solutions in gastronomy

In gastronomy, the sound system can be an extremely important part of the overall concept. Appropriate music sets the scene for the cuisine offered by the restaurant. And a bar is all about the atmosphere adding to the enjoyment. It has been proven that the right choice of music has a decisive effect on the behaviour of guests. Here, our experience in sound system technology is particularly extensive and international. In hardly any other industry is sound system technology such an fundamental part of the entire building - for example, using flexible multi-zone systems, uncomplicated media streaming and inconspicuous speakers.

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Perfect background sound in the restaurant in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.
A powerful sound and lighting system in the newly opened restaurant in Dubai.

PA solutions in offices and meeting rooms

Offices and meeting rooms need a mixture of functional solutions, high-quality design and compliance with legal requirements for voice alarm systems. People have a different mindset here than in a restaurant or while shopping. Often the thinking is: It should work inconspicuously as well as reliably. Of course, we know all the variations of the classic "one transmitter, many receivers" scenario. As you probably know, architecture, building services and sound installation are increasingly merging, especially in companies and offices. Our many years of experience with Dante® networks, which is almost unique in Germany make us the ideal partner for planners and architects.

PA solutions in leisure facilities

Fitness, experience, movement: You know where the sound has to go – we know what technology can do it. The more dynamic the environment, the more important robust speakers connected to external media players can become. We would be happy to work with you to develop the products that suit the highly complex environments of your projects. Large-scale PA applications are particularly demanding. With us you can plan in almost every dimension:

  • effective speech reproduction

  • boundary microphones for team conversations

  • bass-heavy party sounds

  • weatherproof, IP66-certified music horns with incredible range

PA solutions in healthcare

A little restraint is often required here, but also a feeling for the design: The spaces are smaller, the sound more subtle. A central, easy-to-use microphone station for calm announcements in the waiting room and various treatment rooms is important, as is individual sound control for each room. For this scenario we have built-in elements like our ATT-336PEU or flexible multiroom mixers like our PA-6040MPX.

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