Technical Customer Service

Technical Customer Service

The Technical Customer Service of MONACOR: fast and reliable service and repair

In case of repairs, warranty cases or complaints, our Technical Customer Service is the central contact for retail partners, constructors and installers. Repair and service work are carried out swiftly with the professional expertise known from MONACOR. We, of course, ensure a prompt and straightforward response and fast processing times.

We are here to help you: Technical Support at MONACOR

The speaker does not provide any sound: our Technical Support is always available to answer any questions you may have and provides solutions for your problems.

We ensure that your enquiry will be forwarded to the right point of contact and be dealt with immediately. Most of the customer enquiries can already be dealt with by telephone. Thus, you do not have to send your device in for repair. And if you do so, our customer service is going to help you in a quick and reliable manner.

Each enquiry will be dealt with professionally and with great expertise. The devices will be repaired in our own Repair Centre. Thus, we are able to reduce internal processing times to a minimum. Our large spare parts store provides all standard parts for repairing your device. Thus, devices sent in for repair will be ready for use again at your location in no time. This is a service component, all of our customers can benefit from.

Spare Parts Store

Technical support for your service and support enquiries

Designated contacts in our Technical Customer Service provide fast and comprehensive support and ensure to promptly and effectively deal with your enquiries. They may also offer a replacement for your faulty device, if required. We provide comprehensive advice, competent support and together we will surely find the best solution for your request, e.g.:

·           Have you got a technical question regarding setup and/or operation of your product from MONACOR?

·           Do you think that your product may be faulty and must be repaired or replaced?

·           Have you got a question regarding the status of your complaint or repair?

·           Do you need a spare part for one of our devices?

Products from MONACOR represent durability and reliability. And if, however, a fault should occur, the 3-year warranty on the products from MONACOR INTERNATIONAL allows you to always be on the safe side. During this period, you won't have to pay for any repairs or spare parts in case of material faults or manufacturing faults.

Your contact to the Technical Customer Service:

Phone: +49 421 4865-771/-773

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