Restaurant ROAST., Leeuwarden

Inspired by our international partners and a close observation of the various markets, we are able to provide you with a comprehensive know-how and expertise in the field of PA technology. Numerous partner companies enable us to implement projects all around the world.

In addition to impressive culinary specialities, customers can now also enjoy perfect background music at the restaurant ROAST. in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. The speaker systems of our MOVE series are driven by three digital amplifiers STA-2000D and perfectly match the industrial design of the restaurant. The restaurant owners wanted a high-quality sound as well as high-performance and reliable components. After all, the audio solution from MONACOR has to meet the requirements of continuous operation.

Beside the speaker systems, the owners can also rely on the 4-zone mono mixing amplifier PA-4040MPX which is suitable for multi-room PA applications and allows you to play different music in different areas. The subwoofers EUL-2SUB/SW have been matched to customer requirements and together with the stereo PA amplifier STA-1400 form a strong team. The digital speaker management system DSM-260LAN completes the system.

Products used

4-channel class D PA amplifier, 2,400 W
Professional PA speaker system
Professional stereo PA amplifier, 2,100 W

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