Surface-mount speakers, 
270–420 m2

Christian Meyer
Technical Project Management
+49 421 4865 351

Solution: Mosque, 270-420 m2

Customer requirements

  • Speech reproduction for acoustic amplifcation, e.g. of prayers or sermons
  • Natural sound and high speech intelligibility throughout the entire mosque, despite challenging and difficult room acoustics
  • Elegant speakers for an unobtrusive integration into the existing architecture
  • Versatile audio player for playback of the Quran and for recording prayers and sermons
  • Hearing assistance directly to hearing aids or inductive receivers through magnetic induction
Moschee, 270–420 m2


The column speakers ETS-120SL/WS and ETS-220TW/WS are of an elegant and unobtrusive design and thus can perfectly be integrated into the architecture of a mosque.

Despite their unobtrusive appearance, you don’t have to miss out when it comes to sound quality. There are no unwanted reflections from walls or ceilings because the sound energy is emitted directly towards the audience.

The PA-24AD distributes the signal to the connected mono class D power amplifier PA-1250D and the class D amplifier STA-450D.

The signal is transmitted to the inductive receiver LR-202 via loop amplifier LA-202 using electromagnetic induction. The DPR-110 is used for audio reproductions and features a USB interface and an SD/MMC card slot. A recording feature completes the range of functions.

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