Dubai Mall

Inspired by our international partners and a close observation of the various markets, we are able to provide you with a comprehensive know-how and expertise in the field of PA technology. Numerous partner companies enable us to implement projects all around the world.

Dubai Mall (UAE) is one of the largest shopping malls worldwide, with more than 502.000 m2 retail space, spread over three floors and about 1.200 shops. The mall counts over 65 million visitors each year, who visit the mall to shop, have a drink or meal at one of the several different restaurants and cafes, for ice skating or to enjoy carousel rides.


The venue is actualy two places in one (huqqa and market) that covers a fairly large area. Therefore, the customer commissioned us to design an audio system suitable for various applications, e.g. background music to accompany the guests' culinary experience, foreground music for when artists or musicians are performing and live broadcasting of sports events. Our partner company Levels FZ LLC from the UAE arranged a demonstration at the headquarters using speakers of the Move series and tested different genres of music. The performance of the system convinced the client that MONACOR is the right solution for them.

It was important for the customer to have an audio system that generated consistent output levels and quality, regardless of where you are in the restaurant.


The installed audio system delivers high-quality audio reproduction in versatile applications, e.g. for evening events and sports broadcasts. The performance of the amplifiers STA-100, STA-600 and STA-1506 perfectly match the top parts of the audio system. 12 ceiling loudspeakers and 6 modern 2-way-speakers fill the restaurant with pleasant background music. The speaker series is complemented by a 100 V subwoofer and the amplifiers PA-4240 and PA-900.

Products used

Professional PA speaker system
Professional PA speaker system, 100 W, 8 Ω
Professional stereo PA amplifier, 1,000 W
Stereo PA amplifier, 1,000 W
2-way PA wall-mount speaker system, black

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