New Energy with Dante®

The new DT series from MONACOR now conveniently allows you to implement Audio over IP solutions with Dante® interfaces at a very attractive price and includes the speaker WALL-05DTM which is suitable for fixed installations in shops, hotels, in pubs and restaurants, in schools or indoor sports facilities. With a classic design and state-of-the-art components, this speaker system provides an excellent sound for any application.

Installation and setup ensure maximum efficiency. The Dante® standard and an additional range of DT products allow almost unlimited options for application.

Audinate‘s Dante® is a trendsetting network technology for digital audio transmission which allows to simultaneously transmit several digital audio signals. It is possible to transmit uncompressed and synchronised audio signals with virtually no latency. Thus, Dante® technology is perfectly suited for live events, recording, broadcasting and installations.

The benefits of using a standard IT network for audio transmissions are obvious. Cabling used in the projects can often be more cost-effective. The technology also allows for a high level of flexibility when planning and implementing a project. Instead of using heavy and expensive analogue cables or multicore cables, it is possible to apply cost-effective Ethernet cables.

Dante® can be used in parallel to an existing network which makes it a particularly attractive option. With digital transmissions, there is no interference from other electrical devices and greater cable distances are possible without degrading the quality of the signal. With the free software ‘Dante® Controller’, it is possible to determine from which specified Dante®-enabled device to which other specified Dante®-enabled receiver the audio signal is to be routed through the network. Due to logical connections instead of physical ones, it is possible to change the connections with a single click of the mouse button. Several different devices within the same network are able to receive one channel as an audio signal carrier.


WALL-05DTM – Plug and Play Audio over IP

The wall speaker WALL-05DTM perfectly meets every requirement. It features an integrated 1-channel Dante® module. This Dante® speaker is particularly suitable for commercial applications in the professional sector. It can be used for applications where several audio channels have to be transmitted over great distances and to different areas or locations. The fields of application include schools, office buildings, fitness centres, shops and restaurants.

Digital transmission provides several advantages over analogue transmission. Even in case of greater distances, the signal features a comparably low susceptibility to interference and analogue audio transmissions also require a higher cable quality. In comparison with other Audio over Ethernet applications, e.g. CobraNet or EtherSound, Dante® can support gigabit applications with several channels, features a lower latency and automatic configuration.

The power for WALL-05DTM is supplied via PoE (Power over Ethernet) or via a 12 V power supply which is available at option.

SETUP ONE: Conference room

Surface-mount speakers, 60–80 m2

Customer requirements:

  • Active speaker systems for wall mounting and ceiling suspension with PoE (Power over Ethernet) which provide a powerful sound, e.g. for sound reproduction from a PC
  • Connected speakers to provide a homogeneous sound distribution for an excellent speech intelligibility at every seating position in the room
  • Connection facility for a tie clip microphone and a lectern microphone for most versatile PA applications, e.g. for meetings, workshops, conventions or conferences
  • Easiest operation and maximum exibility, e.g. for PC presentations or reproduction of media via a stationary PC or laptop


Conference rooms should be suitable for most versatile applications and remain user-friendly. The key requirements for this are an excellent speech intelligibility and a top-quality media reproduction.

Four Dante®-enabled wall speakers WALL-05DTM/WS are installed to allow for an excellent audio quality. The active sound system is suitable for intuitive operation and achieves a homogeneous sound radiation. Thus, you can ensure a well-balanced sound radiation at every listening position in the room.

In addition, pocket transmitter TXA-800HSE with headband microphone or tie clip microphone is applied to ensure the speaker's mobility, e.g. at lectures or presentations.

The presentation of multimedia stereo signal sources or stereo contents via a connected laptop is as easy as child’s play. Converter SMC-1 has been applied to convert the stereo audio signal of the laptop into 2 x mono signal. The mono signal is then fed into Dante® transceiver DADC-144DT and distributed to the 4 active speakers WALL-05DTM/WS via Dante® network.

SETUP TWO: Shopping Centre

Flush-mount speakers and surface-mount speakers, 1,200–1,600 m2

Customer requirements:

  • A clear and natural music reproduction in all areas of the shopping centre, e.g. shops, hallways and sanitary facilities
  • PA applications to provide announcements of highest speech intelligibility for advertising purposes and for giving information on upcoming events
  • Quick and easy operation of the system in order to fully concentrate on customer service
  • Compact and unobtrusive flush-mount ceiling speakers which can easily be integrated into the shop interior 
  • Reliable technology which has extensively been developed for full-time operation


An excellent sound quality and speech intelligibility, a high operating range and a comprehensive PA application are crucial factors for rooms of high acoustic requirements. Digital audio signals are directed from the centre management’s back office to a total of four zones.

It is possible to provide each zone with an independent PA application, selecting a different playlist and volume level via PC with music software and installed Dante® Virtual Soundcard. Furthermore, it is possible to add tailor-made programs to the playlists to broadcast information or advertising and, if required, to allow for time-controlled playback. Dante®-enabled amplifiers PA-900DT and AKB-160DT have been applied in the shops. As Dante® instreamers, they receive a digital audio signal via an existing local network and feed it into the on-site audio system.

The installed ceiling speakers EDL-62HQ provide a pleasant ambience at the point of sale. In the remaining areas, the installed active wall and ceiling speakers also guarantee a continuous PA application and feature an integrated 30 W amplifier as well as support Power over Ethernet to ensure a power supply via a connected PoE switch.

Both the ceiling speakers EDL-80DT and the column speakers ETS-630DT can be addressed selectively (IP) and can stream high-quality multicast audio data. Each speaker can subsequently be assigned to groups and zones without changing hardware or cabling.


SETUP THREE: Sports and Leisure Centre

Flush-mount speakers and surface-mount speakers, 1,600–1,900 m2

Customer requirements:

  • PA system with flexible configuration for different functional areas, including lobby, bistro, indoor sports facilities and spa area
  • High-quality multi-zone solution, each zone to be provided with different playlists and with an individual volume level
  • Unobtrusive background music in the lobby, swimming pool area and adjoining changing rooms as well as sanitary facilities
  • PA speaker systems with a high sound pressure and a powerful sound for multifunctional sports fields
  • Robust flush-mount ceiling speakers for the sauna and pool area
  • Microphone station at the reception desk for making announcements


Depending on the area of application, highest speech intelligibility, unobtrusive background music or a powerful sound are required. At the reception, an installed PC with Dante® Virtual Soundcard and music software is used as an audio source to direct specific recordings to the speaker lines.

In addition, important announcements can be made via the connected Dante®-enabled gooseneck microphone ECM-300DT. In the lobby and adjoining bistro area, active 2-way flush-mount ceiling speakers EDL-80DT provide pleasant background music and are complemented by active wall speakers WALL-05DTM/WS which have also been applied here.

In the spa area, ceiling speakers EDL-156 provide unobtrusive background music. The Dante® instreamers PA-900DT and AKB-160DT convert digital audio signals into an analogue signal which is amplified and then streamed.

On the multifunctional sports field, PA speaker systems EUL-2/SW which are integrated via a Dante® transceiver DADC-144DT provide a powerful sound. On the other sports fields, a well-balanced sound is ensured by combining ball-proof wall speakers ESP-72/WS and the amplifier module AKB-160DT.

Additional flush-mount speakers and surface-mount speakers have been used in the changing rooms, sanitary facilities as well as in the shower area for a comprehensive and homogeneous sound distribution throughout the whole leisure centre.

Additional Configuration Examples


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