San Antonio Beach Multiplex, Thassos

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The Greek island of Thassos is known to be a quiet and relaxing holiday destination which ensures the perfect holiday feeling. It is the most northern island of Greece in the Aegean Sea just off the coast of Macedonia. This is where days are spent on beautiful beaches and in hidden bays, while restaurants, beach bars and taverns fill up after sunset. Here, both locals and tourists enjoy Greek food with authentic recipes and local wines.

Nowadays, the former fishing village Potos is a popular holiday resort. The restaurant San Antonio Beach Multiplex is located at the gently sloping fine sandy beach and offers a variety of traditional Mediterranean cuisine. In order to impress customers not only visually and culinarily but also acoustically, the restaurant now features a new PA system from MONACOR and IMG STAGELINE.


The atmospheric location at the beach provides room for celebrations of all kinds including weddings, private parties, family parties or other events. The particularly wide range of celebrations requires a high-performance PA system which ensures powerful background music and is able to provide sufficient power reserves for special celebrations and events.

Bars, cafés and restaurants at the beach are challenging ambient conditions for electronic devices and thus also for speakers: robust and durable PA systems of high-quality workmanship are required for this fine sand and seawater. The project required a flexible multi-zone PA system which is able to direct specific recordings to the 5 speaker lines. The source material from the stereo DJ mixer MPX-40DMP and/or from a laptop ought to be played in top quality in the individual zones and also be controlled there individually.


For the location which comprises almost 200 m2, the owner of San Antonio Beach Multiplex, Mr. Tassos Kapsogeorgis, has used a total of 10 PA speaker systems PAB-586/WS with a power rating of 100 W each. These full range speaker systems are designed as 2-way systems with a frequency range of 65-20,000 Hz and provide clear trebles and a defined bass reproduction.

„The speaker systems provide a full, transparent and brilliant sound, even at low volume levels. At the same time, they are also great for parties where more power and higher volume levels are required.“

— Tassos Kapsogeorgis

The new speakers show their full strength particularly at regular events with live bands and live artists. "Previously, we additionally needed a separate portable PA system for live music. Now, this is no longer required and we can manage the events with just one system." The speaker systems also demonstrate their versatility with regard to positioning and mounting options. In case the speaker systems are mounted horizontally and tilted slightly downwards, the audience can experience a wide and precise radiation pattern.

The 5 speaker lines or speaker zones are driven by a class D power amplifier STA-2000D with 4 x 500 W (power rating at 4 ohms) and a stereo class D PA amplifier STA-1000D with 2 x 500 W. Digital speaker management system DSP-26 from IMG STAGELINE is used as control panel for signal transmission and for adjustment of the individual zones. The device is fitted with the latest DSP processors and digital converters and combines the following components in one device: active crossover network, parametric equalizer, delay and peak limiter. Features and adjustments can be varied for up to 6 output channels max. The settings can be stored in the device and be activated if required.

„Especially at peak times, we do not have the time or resources to configure the settings or change the music. With the new PA system, we do not have to worry about that anymore. The sound performance impressed us straightaway and our guests noticed the great sound, too."

Mr. Kapsogeorgis only had positive experiences with the manufacturer and thus, decided to equip the entire location with components from MONACOR and IMG STAGELINE. "For a long time now, I was thinking about replacing the old audio system with a new one. The previous system from MONACOR has done a brilliant job for more than 18 years. However, increased requirements have to be met nowadays and the system was simply outdated." Mr. Kapsogeorgis highly appreciates the reliability of the devices as well as the perfectly compiled product portfolio which allowed for a quick and easy implementation of the project.

Products used

Universal PA speaker system, 100 W, 8 Ω
4-channel class D PA amplifier, 2,400 W
Stereo class D PA amplifier, 1,200 W
Digital speaker management system
2-channel 2-way line combiner
Stereo DJ mixer with integrated MP3 player

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