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It was once a vibrant town, proud of its multi-purpose hall, the heart of its culture and community. But something was missing. The PA technology was not up to standard, spoiling the visitor experience.

Despite countless attempts and various providers, the city was still looking for a solution that met the needs and expectations of its inhabitants. The multi-purpose hall slowly lost its appeal, and local interest in events began to dwindle. The city faced a challenge it could not overcome alone.

Looking for help, they found us, the Audio Company, offering solutions and advice to go with our products. A partner who understood their (audio) needs and supported the city's ambitions. We took on the challenge and made it our own.

We set out together to bring the multi-purpose hall back to life. We analysed the specific requirements, asked questions, listened and familiarised ourselves with the acoustic situation. Drawing on our expertise and experience, we designed a customised audio solution that not only met the city's needs, but exceeded them.

The city celebrated its new PA system with every event, from ballets to exhibitions, conferences and concerts. The multi-purpose hall was restored as the heart of city life it was meant to be.

Die Stadt feierte ihr neues Beschallungssystem mit jeder Veranstaltung, vom Tanzballett über Ausstellungen und Konferenzen bis zum Konzert. Die Mehrzweckhalle war wieder das pulsierende Herz der Stadtgesellschaft, das sie immer sein sollte.

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Sven Schindler has answers:

Perhaps your city also wants to take this acoustic journey?

We can certainly help you with that. You can read more about our work as a partner for municipal facilities and venues here.

The quality standard for every municipal audio need

Designed for intensive use in busy environments, our rugged loudspeaker systems are ideal for schools, hospitals, swimming pools and municipal utilities. They also meet all relevant standards and legal requirements for use in public areas. We take special care to ensure safety and comprehensibility, so that your announcements always come across clearly.

We understand the challenges municipalities face in modern PA technology

The planning of complex PA systems is not something to try on the fly. Especially if PA loudspeakers are going to be distributed over several rooms requiring long cable runs. The volume also needs to be individually adjustable in each room, with an option to turn off the background sound and announcements completely in certain rooms.

If this sounds like a complex audio project you need help with, we should talk, because that's what we do every day.

You benefit from the versatility and individual adaptability of our multi-zone PA solutions

Let's take a school, for example. Here you might be looking for:

  • high quality sound and comprehensible announcements

  • different target groups for specific information

  • space filling PA system in the auditorium

  • maximal operational reliability due to 24 V emergency power supply

background volume is reduced to give priority to announcements. We routinely implement solutions like these,and often work on much larger scales.

A reliable partner for municipal PA applications

Believe us – if you, the administration, the facility supervisor or your staff have questions or need support, we're there for you. Your call comes directly to us in Bremen-Mahndorf – never to a remote or anonymous call centre. We understand your concerns and can assist you with our extensive experience and expertise. If you'd like to talk to us, we offer:

  • personal contact

  • fast response times

  • reliable solutions

We are here to assist you throughout the planning and implementation of your audio system projects, and we can support you beyond that. Together, we can identify challenges at an early stage. Because

Your project is our project!

Quality technology, fair prices

We know that public sector budgets are limited. That is why we place so much emphasis on an outstanding price-performance ratio. Working together isn't just looking for something that might work. The goal is to ensure that the ultimate solution is the optimal one for the available budget. Our solutions are flexible, realistically priced and adaptable, so that they can be quickly and easily modified for your changing requirements in multi-purpose buildings.

In this long-term partnership, we are the people to go to

Were there for you during the sale and installation, and long after that as well! Our team is always ready to support you in the long term. One reason for this is our 3-year warranty – a high priority for us. We stand for sustainability in the classic sense – through very durable products. That's why we give a three-year warranty on all our own brand products. Strict test criteria, intensive product inspections and comprehensive technical documentation guarantee you the highest standards and quality. Our technical customer service with highly qualified staff is an essential part of our comprehensive service. Benefit from:

  • the continuity of contacts

  • an almost completely stocked replacement spare parts store

  • our technical archives

With our ability to deliver, we're there for municipalities at short notice

Our 9,800 m² of warehouse space guarantees a high delivery capacity and enables us to process your requests very quickly. Customers in Germany usually receive their order within 48 hours. 24-hour express service is available if you need a quick delivery. You pick the delivery date!

Municipal infrastructures as a model for a proactive quality policy

We leave nothing to chance. Because we rely on our strengths, which we know inside and out. Our proactive quality policy, tight tolerance limits and extensive product controls mean that we can guarantee you the highest standards within narrow price limits. We can also do this thanks to accredited test laboratories. Because a voice alarm system to EN 54 impresses with reliable and robust technology.

Requirements for PA systems and audio technology in municipal facilities


Clear announcements and audibility are vital in hospitals. Our PA systems not only support internal communication, but can also help with evacuation in an emergency. We also make sure that our technology is easy to operate and robust, to meet the special requirements of everyday hospital life.

City halls/multi-purpose halls

For venues such as town halls, the focus is on sound quality and reliable volume without distortion. Our sound systems deliver clear and powerful sound for concerts, lectures or sporting events. With our technology, the sound can be customised for different uses of the venue to ensure an optimal experience.

Nursing homes

Good communication and reliability are also essential in nursing homes. Our PA systems guarantee that important announcements can be heard clearly and distinctly in all areas of the building. We can also configure systems to play music for a relaxed atmosphere in certain areas.

Museums/exhibition spaces

In museums, the focus is on discreet integration of audio technology, including from an aesthetic point of view. With our sound systems, you can offer visitors clearly understandable audio tours, background music or special sound installations.

Flush- and surface-mount speakers 1700-2000 m²

Legislative or assembly buildings

A clear and audible voice is essential in legislative or assembly buildings, regardless of the size of the hall. Our PA systems deliver excellent intelligibility to ensure that debates here are well understood, even in the back rows. In addition, our systems can be individually adapted to the specific acoustic properties of the building. We also make a point of ensuring that our technology is easy to use, to ensure problem-free operation. Legislative buildings have similar requirements to conference buildings, as the chairperson of the meeting has to assume a central moderating function, which should also be reflected in the PA technology.

Municipal energy suppliers

In municipal energy utilities, communication is crucially important. Whether it's safety announcements, internal messages or customer care, our PA technology ensures that every sound and word is perfectly transmitted. Our systems are not only robust and reliable, but also easy to operate. This means you can be sure that your message always gets across clearly. At the same time, we understand that every utility has unique requirements. For this reason, we offer individual advice and planning support.


PA technology in schools not only supports teaching, but also ensures clear announcements, promotes community at school events and can even support inclusion, for example through inductive hearing systems. But every school is different and has its own requirements, both architecturally and in terms of technological sophistication. Our systems are easy to use for teachers and administrative staff and require no prior technical knowledge.

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