Lecture Hall

Surface-mount speakers, 
220–400 m2

Sven Schindler
Technical Project Management
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Solution: Lecture Hall, 220-400 m2

Customer requirements

  • PA application to cover the entire lecture hall as well as providing high speech intelligibility
  • Excellent sound quality, even at higher volume levels
  • Flexible and multifunctional use of the entire PA system
  • Wireless media playback via laptop or other portable audio players
  • Connection of a headband microphone for the speaker
Lecture Hall


The high-end column speakers ETS-360TW/WS impress with an incredibly dynamic and complete sound, ensure highest speech intelligibility at any listening position and thus allow for attentive listening, even for several hours.

Due to a precise sound radiation and a frequency range optimised for music, the column speaker ETS-360TW/WS is a speaker system which is suitable for versatile applications: for lectures, panel discussions as well as official parties with background music.

It is also possible to establish a wireless connection between laptop and audio system via Bluetooth audio receiver WSA-10BT, if required.

As the last step of signal amplification, the preamplifier PA-1414MX and the power amplifier PA-2240 ensure a perfect sound.

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