Surface-mount speakers, 
1600–1900 m2

Sven Schindler
Technical Project Management
+49 421 4865 351

Powerful PA application with high speech intelligibility and clear announcements within the school

Customer requirements:

    • High speech intelligibility and clear announcements throughout the school premises
    • Setting up of versatile call groups for specific information or intended elimination of certain areas which should not be disturbed
    • Bell for recess is to be transmitted in each building complex
    • Powerful PA application in the assembly hall for different kinds of events, e.g. school parties
    • Most reliable operating safety due to 24 V emergency power supply in order to operate the system independently from the mains for a short period of time
    School, 1600–1900 m2


    For the wide-ranging school premises, good speech intelligibility is top priority. For the different rooms, we have used 2-way speakers WALL-05T/SW and WALL-04T/WS. The combination of bass-midrange speakers and dome tweeters ensures clear announcements. For the school's own gym, we have additionally used sound projectors RL-1EN and ball-proof speakers PAB-52WP/WS in order to guarantee a continuous PA application.

    A total of 3 microphone stations PA-6000RC can be used for making announcements into either each zone individually or a selected number of zones. With the MAESTRO-1, it is also possible to make announcements via the telephone system. The power amplifier PA-2240 and a 6-zone mono mixing amplifier PA-6240 perfectly supply each of the PA zones.

    The digital message and timer insertion PA-1120DMT which is integrated in the amplifier allows you to create individual break signals and break times. In order to ensure announcements in case of an emergency, the system is connected to 24 V emergency power supply PA-24ESP.

    The PA system is completed by a 12/2 full range system for the assembly hall. Two high-performance speaker systems PAB‑12WP/SW (200 W) ensure an excellent sound reproduction on smaller stages. The highperformance class D amplifier STA-1000D, preamplifier PA-1414MX and the versatile CD and MP3 player CD-114/BT have also been added to the system.


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