Flush-mount speakers and surface-mount speakers, 
1,700-2,000 m2

Sven Schindler
Technical Project Management
+49 421 4865 351

Solution: Museum, 1,700-2,000 m2

Customer requirements:

  • Unobtrusive music radiation which is to be controlled individually for foyer, restaurant and museum shop
  • Announcement facility with paging function and priority circuit
  • To reduce volume level of the background music automatically for accouncements which are to be routed to a selected zone or all zones
  • For the exhibits, compact external media players are available for reproduction of individual audio files
  • Setting up an inductive sound system for wireless reception of audio signals
  • Portable tour guide system for a guided tour of a museum which ensures unrestricted movement
Museum, 1700-2000 m2


For the foyer, we have used 2-way pendant speakers EDL-435/WS. They provide background music with a homogeneous sound distribution.

In addition, hi-fi speakers EDL-62HQ have been applied in the shop and restaurant, ceiling speakers EDL-82/WS in the sanitary facilities and flush-mount speakers EDL-25 in the exhibition area.

The mono mixing amplifier PA-6480 with a power rating of 480 W is used for operating all of the passive speaker systems. It features 100 V outputs for a maximum of 6 PA zones with individual volume control.

The insertion module PA-1140RCD and the zone paging microphone PA-6000RC complement the wide variety of applications possible with the amplifier. Any visitor wishing to have a spontaneous audio tour without prior notice can receive further information on the exhibits via insertion modules DMP-102.

The loop amplifier LA-402 and the inductive receiver LR-202 ensure wireless reception of the signal inserted into the inductive loop. Within the loop, any number of receivers can be operated which are available at the ticket counter, if required. At the same time, the electromagnetic audio signal sent via the ring loop can also be used via the T-coil of a hearing aid. In case of an announcement, it will be transmitted to the induction loop with highest priority and the running programme interrupted for the duration. Voice transmission system ATS-80T or ATS-80R is available for guided museum tours. David Biagi

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