Retirement Home

Flush-mount speakers
500–700 m2

Sven Schindler
Technical Project Management
+49 421 4865 351

Sound reinforcement, security and comfort in a retirement home

Customer requirements:

  • Reliable audio system for a PA application with 2 speaker zones in the common rooms
  • Amplifier system with tone control, connection facility for a wireless microphone system including inductive transmission via loop
  • Music reproduction of CD, MP3, external storage media as well as radio reception and Bluetooth reception
  • User-defined routing of all input channels to both of the speaker zones
Sound system of two loudspeaker zones in the common rooms including induction loop


Furnishing and equipment in a retirement home have to be perfectly matched to the needs of residents and staff. Reliability, convenience and barrier-free access are essential for the elderly and people in need of care.

A universal PA system is used for regular in-house or public events such as exhibitions, concerts and lectures.

Ceiling speakers EDL-116TW with 2-way coaxial speakers (6“) have been installed in the common rooms and living room and always provide an excellent reproduction of speech and music for most varying types of events. Two mono power amplifiers PA-900S with 1 x 120 W each provide sufficient power for the connected speaker lines.

The loop system which is driven by 2 active loop amplifiers LA-402 ensures barrier-free access to each event. Zone mixer PA-4040MPX is the central interface of the system where all the signals are routed and then distributed. It provides user-defined routing of all input channels to both of the zones. The input signals include a 16-channel mono PLL audio transmission system TXA-802SR or TXA-800HT.

The connected audio player CD-112RDS/BT is used for music reproductions. USB storage media, SDHC cards and audio sources like CD, MP3, FM RDS tuner or Bluetooth media are also part of the remarkable variety of playback options. - izikmd

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