Avenue HQ, Leeds

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Avenue is a company that is evolving every day in response to their members and constantly changing needs. It is their community which is truly at the heart of everything they do and believe in creating inspiring environments where individuals, businesses and cities can thrive.

The recently opened Leeds venue has customisable spaces which will provide a growing business scene with more than 200 co-working spaces and 35 offices varying in size. Situated over five floors and 35,000 sq ft, the building on East Parade will be the business’ biggest to date. As well as hot-desks, private offices and communal events, the building will bring a public all-day rooftop bar to one of Leeds’ most popular areas. There are a variety of event spaces available throughout the building including meeting rooms, a secret garden, downstairs theatre and on-site eatery – all available to tenants and the public.

Avenue HQ was founded in 2016 in Liverpool, UK. They pride themselves on being a community-driven business created for and facilitating a driven business community. Since conception they have made big strides at the forefront of the new working movement.

MONACOR were contacted by the nominated electrical fit-out contractor to design a bespoke audio system that would give Avenue HQ a multi-zone audio system meeting their performance requirements for each area, this ranged from background in-ceiling, mid-level surface-mount and external IP rated loudspeakers systems. Local area control was required with the ability to play different types of music in the chosen areas.


The system was required to cover eight zones in total with local area control plates so the Monacor ARM-880 8x8 audio matrix mixer along with the ARM-880WP2 level/source control plates was the perfect solution. This gave the customer the facility to use several CD-112/RDS-BT multi-format media players and have them designated to the specific areas.

For the flush mount in-ceiling solution we used the cost effective EDL-8 loudspeaker for the back of house areas and the high quality EDL-62HQ ceiling speakers for the staff room and office areas. Our internal surface mount solution was the highly rated WALL-06T loudspeakers which is rapidly becoming the commercial audio favourite with all installers due to it being a great sounding and aesthetically pleasing product. The external areas used both the ESP-230 and ESP-250 2-way IP rated models as they needed to perform at different levels as these areas differed in size and audience capacity.

The Monacor PA-2240 and PA-4120 multi-channel 100 V line amplifiers provided sufficient power and head-room for the system function efficiently across all zones.

Products used

PA hi-fi wall and ceiling speaker, 30 W, 100 V, 8 Ω
Weatherproof PA sound projector, white

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