Hotel Heidegrund, Garrel

Inspired by our international partners and a close observation of the various markets, we are able to provide you with a comprehensive know-how and expertise in the field of PA technology. Numerous partner companies enable us to implement projects all around the world.

The four-star hotel Heidegrund in Lower Saxony, Germany is part of a large leisure area and surrounded by idyllic landscape and nature. The family-run conference and business hotel provides travellers and conference guests with more than 50 generous rooms, an extensive gastronomic offer, conference facilities for up to 280 people and a wellness area, which is 400 square metres big.


The exceptional and versatile setting requires a suitable musical framework that is provided by a high-quality PA system. Following the customer's specifications, the system was designed, mounted and eventually put into operation in close collaboration with EP:Hartke, our partner company from Cloppenburg in Lower Saxony.

The customer requested a flexible multi-zone system that was able to distribute different input signals - microphony, beamer, Bluetooth reproduction - into all rooms simultaneously or only into selected rooms.


They required a very complex PA system, in which speakers were to be distributed over multiple rooms and long distances. Cables of several hundred metres in length lead inevitably to substantial losses along the cable paths. Therefore, the choice fell on digital audio channels via LAN connection and Dante® interface: The benefits of using a standard IT network for audio transmissions are obvious. Cabling used in the projects can often be more cost-effective. The technology also allows for a high level of flexibility when planning and implementing a project. Instead of using heavy and expensive analogue cables or multicore cables, it is possible to apply cost-effective Ethernet cables.

"By using the 4-channel Dante® transceiver from MONACOR all sources can be played simultaneously and without delay - optionally in all zones."

— Thomas Hartke

The 4-channel Dante® transceiver DADC-144DT is a core component of the new audio system. A total of 4 signal converters serve as an interface between analogue audio devices and the Dante® audio network: Sound sources with line output levels are connected via 4 analogue inputs.

To connect the speaker systems, 4 analogue outputs are available on each unit, which can be adjusted individually in the level. The class D amplifier PA-1850D is used as power supply for the connected speaker series. The model with 8 channels provides RMS power of 50 W for each channel and transmits it to the speakers in the meeting rooms, restaurant, conservatory, bar, clubroom and on the terrace.

For unobtrusive sound distribution via ceiling speakers they installed in total 29 100 V flush-mount speakers EDL-10TW/WS. The 2-way version with tweeter is ideally suited for high-quality speech and music reproduction with good sound quality and consistent radiation pattern. Spring clips allow for a quick and easy installation into ceilings that are 10 to 40mm thick.

The requested media reproduction via Bluetooth is provided by 5 units of the extra compact audio receiver and amplifier IWA-05BT/WS. The flush-mount receivers can be operated either in stereo or mono and allow for wireless connection to any device with Bluetooth function (A2DP/AVRCP). In this setting the IWA-05BT/WS serve as audio sources and are integrated into the Dante® network via the Dante® AVIO analogue input adapters ADP-DAI-1X0.

Products used

Flush-mounted module with Bluetooth audio receiver/amplifier 5 W, stereo
8-channel class D PA amplifier

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