WHU Euromasters, Vallendar

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It is regarded as the largest sporting events of European business schools: the Euromasters in Vallendar, Rhineland-Palatinate. Since 1997, students from universities all over Europe have been meeting to compete in a variety of sports. Every year on the first weekend in November, more than 2,000 students from top European universities compete against each other in basketball, cheerleading, football, rowing, relay races, volleyball and even e-sports.

The 'FS Bulls are Coming' team from the Frankfurt School of Economics in Hesse (Germany) has been with us for over 10 years. Coordinating, cheering and motivating 130 team members in a sports hall filled with thousands of students turns out to be a particularly difficult task every year.

The 5 megaphones TM-17M were just perfect and proved to be a versatile and highly efficient problem solver. The MP3 replay function for announcements or hymns should facilitate this challenging task considerably. Hymns and vocals were delivered at a sufficient volume level so everyone in the team could hear and sing along.

With the megaphones, the team was not only able to outdo the competition but also to protect the vocal chords. In the years before, you could already hear after just one day: "Great spirit but no voice left."

The 5 voice amplifiers from MONACOR were a great support which did not go unnoticed: one of the students of a befriended team asked: "could you lend us one of your great megaphones? Ours have already lost their strength since yesterday and are hardly as loud as yours."

Apart from several sporting successes which the FS team achieved at this year's Euromasters, the Frankfurt School was able to win the Spirit Cup. This prize goes to the university or the team which was able to create the greatest atmosphere throughout the event. The five MONACOR megaphones TM-17M were a large contribution to this success.

Products used

Megaphone with MP3 function, 110 dB
Alkaline battery C size, PANASONIC

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