"The demands on the operability and integrability of PA technology components are changing dramatically"

Having a cup of coffee with Florian Welzbacher, Key Account Manager in the installation department at MONACOR INTERNATIONAL

Scheduling an interview with Florian Welzbacher was not so easy. That's because the Frankfurt native is on the road a lot: between customers, projects and the latest developments in the market for commercial PA technology. We managed to catch up with him for some coffee and find out how he sees the future of audio technology and what he appreciates about his job and the industry.

Florian, you have been in the audio industry for a long time. Where is the industry heading, how do you think PA technology and your work will change in the coming decade?

In terms of predictions, the audio field, just like other sectors, will be affected by an increasing shortage of skilled workers.

User behaviour will continue evolving. This is directly reflected in the operating requirements for PA and conference technologies.

The most important key points from my point of view are: digitalisation, new possibilities through artificial intelligence, app control and networked "connect and off you go" technology. In this respect, it will continue to be important for my work to deal with the new technologies and trends and to live them myself.

You say "continue". How has your field of activity changed so far?

I notice that many more and different people who are already involved in the project turn to us for help. Many underestimate the growing complexity of our technology. However, the possibilities are becoming more diverse. Many involved in the issue encounter major challenges. They range from operators of catering, shop or industrial facilities to electricians and even engineering offices. One of my tasks, for example, is also to provide input for engineering companies. I also support electricians working on projects with appropriate PA system solutions. Support directly on the ground is also becoming increasingly important; this was particularly difficult during the pandemic.

From your perspective, how did the PA system industry fare in the pandemic?

Business performance varied a lot. During that time, joys and sorrows were close together, for example when you think of the different business developments in the online and live sectors. I think both the industry and the customers have had a very mixed experience.

Have customer expectations changed as a result?

Following a period of massive supply chain problems, many customers have become sensitised to the fact that availability cannot be taken for granted. Whether an item is in stock or at least available for order is now almost always the subject of an enquiry. I am convinced that we are well positioned with our European central warehouse in Bremen.

Speaking of convictions: what are the values, principles, beliefs or qualitative guidelines that you work by in your field?

Traditional values such as openness, attentiveness, sincerity, respect and reliability are also important to me in my business dealings. And in my experience, our customers appreciate that too. I am convinced that we always achieve more together than alone. In customer relationships, it pays to be open and honest with each other.

What do you like most about your job at MONACOR? What motivates you when you drive to work in the morning?


The best thing is that every day is different. Every project and every request brings new tasks with it. In addition, the diversity of know-how in the company is impressive: there are qualified contacts for every topic, from purchasing to shipping, from product management to marketing.

Do you have a favourite product/solution in the MONACOR range?

As a musician, I like all the little helpers. And basically, I love our diverse DANTE solutions.

You are now a "Key Accounter" at MONACOR. What do you do there?

Put simply, I look after our existing customers and am responsible for acquiring and maintaining new customer relationships. I am mainly active in the installation department.

I build up contacts with planning and engineering offices, so I assist in large and small commercial PA application projects.

Please describe it in more detail: what was your most exciting project in recent years, for example?

That project does not exist. And I am very happy about that! (laughs) There are and have been many exciting projects: For example, the small PA system for a bar or the renovation of a church or mosque PA application. The same applies to the announcement and break time PA system in a school or the optimisation of the PA application in a large sports park. We have also implemented exciting projects in industrial companies or hotels with conference  and meeting areas.

The exciting thing about my job is that not one single project is ever repeated, each one is new, because the given conditions and the requirements are always different.

How did you get into the world of PA technology?

I have been playing guitar and drums since my youth. Through my first musical experiences in bands, I found my access to audio technology. That fascinates and inspires me still today. I still play music in my free time. What began in my youth, I continued after my A-levels by training as an audio engineer. I was on the road as a live technician, like many of my colleagues here in the company - and in technical sales for a manufacturer of voice alarm system.


By and large, audio technology has been with me since childhood. As a key account manager in this industry, I have turned part of my passion into my profession.

What makes a good key account manager in PA technology?

I am convinced it is about a balanced mix of expertise and market knowledge. Experience is needed in handling and using the technology. Last but not least, of course, a passion for sales and enjoyment of contact with people.

I enjoy joint site visits and project meetings with clients and colleagues the most,  you must bring this enthusiasm with you. But the seclusion to prepare and follow up on appointments and projects is also an essential component.

Where do you prefer to work? Directly "at" the customer or in a quiet room?

I am in the fortunate position that my work takes place in both areas. However, the main focus is clearly the work "at" the customer, which gives me great pleasure. Because the personal aspect of working together is very important to me.

Florian, thanks for sharing your insights!

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