Car Dealership

Flush-mount speakers and surface-mount speakers
900–1,300 m2

Sven Schindler
Technical Project Management
+49 421 4865 351

Zone sound reinforcement for car dealerships

Customer requirements:

  • Flexible multi-zone system for various areas of application
  • Comprehensive music and speech reproduction for 8 zones
  • High-quality columnn speakers with a powerful sound for the showroom
  • Excellent speech intelligibility in each area of the building, including the high entrance hall
  • Weatherproof speakers for the outside display area
  • Announcement facility at the reception, either to one zone or multiple zones
  • Music reproduction via (Internet) radio, CD, MP3 player or via Bluetooth
Multifunctional matrix system with user-defined routing


High-quality 2-way column speakers are used for the PA application in the indoor and outdoor display areas. In the showroom, column speakers ETS-530TW/WS are unobtrusively integrated into the building complex. The additional integrated tweeter ensures a clearly improved sound. Weatherproof column speakers ETS-432TW/WS with IP66 certification are used for the outdoor installation.

Mono power amplifiers PA-924S (1 x 240 W) and PA-948S (1 x 480 W) provide the necessary power. The other areas also feature a reliable PA application.

Ceiling speakers EDL‑118TW are installed into adjoining rooms and offices. The workshop features speakers WALL-06T/SW for a perfect audio reproduction.

Sufficient power for both speaker series is ensured via the 8-channel class D amplifier PA-1850D (8 x 50 W) and one mono power amplifier PA-924S.

Centrepiece of the whole PA system is the audio matrix DRM-884 which is able to easily meet the requirements of a multi-room installation with 8 zones. Users can combine signal sources, play one source in several zones or several sources in one zone and adjust the volume in each zone. The zone paging microphone DRM‑884RC allows you to make announcements to any zone required.

Audio players WAP-204RS and CD-114/BT are used for music reproductions. Tomasz Zajda

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