Escape Room

Flush-mount speakers, 
220–310 m2

Sven Schindler
Technical Project Management
+49 421 4865 351

Solution: Escape Room, 220-310 m2

Customer requirements:

  • Excellent sound quality of the applied speaker systems, for both music and voice reproductions
  • Continuous PA application for each room, including theme rooms, foyer and sanitary facilities
  • The different areas of operation require a flexible multi-zone control in order to route multiple audio signals to any output
  • A microphone station has to be available in the control room for hints and clues from the game master
Escape Room, 220-310 m2


For hobby detectives or anyone who loves to solve riddles, escape room games are an excellent leisure activity. A small group of people have got an hour to find their way out of a locked room. Hidden clues and mysterious riddles must be solved using logical thinking, team spirit and creativity.

A flexible multi-zone system is required to provide each room with different audio sources (miking as well as music).

For the foyer as well as for the sanitary facilities, we have applied ceiling speakers EDL-70/WS or EDL-22/WS.

The theme rooms have been fitted with speaker systems WALL-05T/SW. The 2-way system with 13 cm (5") bass-midrange speaker and 12 mm dome tweeter ensures a very high sound quality.

The team can use boundary microphone ECM-302B to ask the team leader for help who communicates via zone paging microphone ARM-880RC. The team leader can also listen to each of the 3 theme rooms via the additionally applied PA speaker EUL-75/WS in the control room.

Furthermore, 4 x CD and MP3 players CD-114/BT is available for an independent PA application in each of the music zones. This is made possible via audio matrix router ARM-880 which allows you to route up to 8 audio sources to an equal number of zones. A wall module ARM-880WP2 is used for remote control. The class D amplifier PA-1850D (8 x 50 W) provides the voltage for the connected speaker series. LiliGraphie

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