Food Truck

Surface-mount speakers, 
10–15 m2

Michael Krebbing
Technical Project Management
+49 421 4865 352

Sound reinforcement of food trucks

Customer requirements:

  • Weatherproof and robust outdoor speaker systems for high-quality music reproduction
  • Flexible installation of the applied speaker technology
  • Simple operation and easy installation of the complete audio system
  • MP3 player with USB interface and SDHC card slot for music reproduction
  • Optional: to make announcements via microphone and distribute them to both of the speakers
Weatherproof speakers for street food catering


A new food culture conquers the world: food trucks are becoming increasingly popular and provide us with juicy burgers, spicy burritos or crispy tacos on festivals, at events or street parties. Listening to music or a radio programme is not only a pleasant distraction for customers waiting in line. Nowadays, the comprehensive catering concept of food truck owners more and more includes suitable music. PA systems for 4-wheeled street food catering have to meet very complex requirements of mobile applications.

Robust, weatherproof speaker systems ESP-215/WS, which are suitable for outdoor applications, provide the appropriate high-quality sound for guests. The 2-way systems are supplied with stainless steel mounting brackets and can be flexibly aligned to the required area.

The mono mixing amplifier PA-803DMP with a power rating of 30 W is used as power amplifier. The system is particularly suitable for mobile applications, thanks to the fanless cooling concept, the compact size and the uncomplicated operation. An integrated MP3 player can be used for music reproduction via USB interface or SDHC card slot. Additional connections for microphone, external CD players or FM RDS and DAB+ tuners are also available.

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