Modern Solutions for the Safety of Your Home

Protect your house or flat with reliable and comfortable systems from MONACOR. Our wireless alarm systems are far more than just protection against an intrusion. Thanks to the latest software solutions and a wide range of intelligent system components, risks of fire and water damage can also be prevented. Our solutions for video surveillance allow a fast detection of risks, are deterrents and thus, reliably protect your belongings. In case anything should happen, detailed recordings in HD quality also greatly contribute towards identifying the criminals. With our systems, we are able to provide tailor-made solutions which meet requirements and suit your budget.

Alarm Systems

Convenient use, reliable and extendible – modern wireless alarm technology to make your environment a safer place

No matter which wireless solution you will choose, a reliable alarm system allows you to feel safe while sleeping at night or being away from home during the day. The alarm systems from JABLOTRON perfectly protect your family home or your flat. You are able to combine or add motion detectors, reed contacts, glass breakage detectors or water detectors to each solution. Thus, the systems grow with increasing requirements. They feature a particularly convenient operation and can easily be controlled from any location via smartphone, tablet PC or computer.

JA-100 Alarm System

The JA-100: the user is the centre of attention...

The professional wireless/bus hybrid alarm system 100 ensures a maximum level of security and impresses by a convenient operation. The system 100 is particularly well suited for projects with multiple system components, multiple users as well as when several areas have to be secured and meets the requirements of the EN 50131 standard.

In addition, this alarm system is only allowed to be installed by certified specialists. In order to ensure this requirement being met, MONACOR INTERNATIONAL provides respective training sessions in their own Technical Training Center.

The JA-100 system impresses by an innovative operation concept which allows for a convenient operation due to clearly arranged status indications. With a modern web environment, it is possible to control the system with a smartphone using an app or via web connection. Thus, the user can access the system at any time and from anywhere in the world.

However, the JA-100 system is far more than a sole intrusion detection system. With the respective components, it can protect against everyday hazards, e.g. gas leakage, fire or water damage. It is also possible to control the heating system, to open garage doors, etc. It allows for an almost unlimited flexibility. And thanks to the alarm button JA-187J, you can call for help in case of an emergency.

The wireless/bus hybrid alarm system 100 of modern design is an efficient, extendible and easy-to-use all-round protection for your private property. 

The wireless/bus hybrid alarm system JA-100 protects your family home


Configuration (example):

1 - Control centre: JA-101KR/L3G

2 - Control panel: JA-154E

3-9 - Doors and windows: JA-151M

10 - Garage door: JA-150M + SAS-6VDS

11 - Interior spaces (motion detectors: JA-151P/WW

12 - Outdoor siren: JA-163A/BASE + JA-1X1AC/WH

13 - Indoor siren: JA-111A/BASE

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