Theatersommer, Ludwigsburg

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At the beginning of this year's season, the open-air theatre „Theatersommer Ludwigsburg" in the centre of Ludwigsburg has started to use 2 cameras of the HYBRID Line. However, they used it to assist the director and technicians rather than to keep an eye on the audience.


Due to a limited view from the director's desk / service room onto the large stage of the open-air theatre, an old analogue video camera with a low resolution has previously been used for stage surveillance. Merely, the transmission latency and long signal paths have prevented the purchase of a new camera with up-to-date technology.

Jörg Stude, technician in charge of the 'Theatersommer' stated: “They provided excellent support and expert advice, the camera AXC-2812BV for outdoor applications features a robust workmanship and a good connection to our network for remote surveillance. It provides a perfectly reliable full HD image transmission via hybrid cable as well as a manual camera zoom and focussing.” Unfortunately, the follow-up model AXC-2812BVM was not available until a few months after installation of the camera. It would have made the director's job even easier due to a motorised zoom lens. 

The photographs were kindly made available by the Theatersommer Ludwigsburg, Scala Kultur Theatersommer gGmbH.

"With the surveillance system AXZ-204BV from MONACOR, we have found an ideal system which meets every requirement."

— Jörg Stude, technician in charge of the 'Theatersommer'

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