For Maximum Planning Reliability: Audio Simulation Data for EN 54 Speakers


EN 54-certified PA solutions have to both impress with an excellent sound quality and meet high requirements regarding European standards. Planning experts and installers are faced with quite a challenge when planning a standard-compliant PA system which is also to be used for broadcasting messages in case of an alarm or other hazardous situations.

Thorough planning at the beginning of the project is crucial for the acoustic result and thus for implementing a successful project. In order to achieve perfect room acoustics with a full range sound radiation across the entire area, you often require a comprehensive computer simulation. The speaker simulation data from MONACOR is now available to give you a solid and reliable basis for planning:

The currently available measuring data for the simulation software EASE® allows you to achieve very precise acoustic simulations of rooms, halls or buildings equipped with EN 54 speakers. With the 3D visual demonstration of the simulation results, you as a planning expert can provide your customers with information on expected level behaviour and radiation pattern, even during the planning stage.

EASE® GLL simulation files for EN 54 speakers from MONACOR are now available on the respective product page:

·         Wall speakers: ESP-62/WS, ESP-50AB/WS, ESP-50EN/WS

·         Flush-mount ceiling speakers: EDL-612EN, EDL-165C/WS, EDL-224ABC, EDL-606EN, EDL-620EN

·         Ball speakers: EDL-416EN/WS

The GLL simulation files contain all the important speaker parameters, including frequency response, max. sound pressure level (SPL MAX), radiation pattern, 3D balloon as well as phase response and can be viewed with the free EASE® GLL Viewer at any time. As an alternative, you can download the entire database for EASE® EVAC here.

Take advantage of this universal planning tool for a practice-oriented simulation of your PA concept - because success can be planned.



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