Weatherproof high-performance speakers - not only on the football pitch

The speakers of the new SL series (stadium speakers) from MONACOR are equipped with 20 cm or 30 cm coaxial horn speakers.

With a maximum rated SPL of up to 122.5 dB (sound pressure level: 99.6 dB/W/m), they deliver your messages clearly to the recipient, even across great distances. The SL series features a frequency range of 85 Hz - 19 kHz and is quite capable of also providing pleasant background music.

The IP66-tested speakers are protected by a high-quality ABS plastic cabinet with a stainless steel bracket and protective grille. They are also EN 54-24 certified.

With SL-150 and SL-250, the SL series currently includes two speaker sizes (150 W and 250 W) which are available in both black and white.

Beside an easy integration into 100 V PA systems, low-impedance operation is also possible.

Speaker SL-150 features a radiation angle of 80° both horizontally and vertically. With 60° horizontally and 70° vertically, speaker SL-250 features a slightly wider radiation angle. The SL speakers weigh approximately 12 kg or 19 kg and can securely be mounted onto round bases and poles with the corresponding load capacity using pole mount ITH-300.

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