A new "Helpful tool" for audio technicians

Who doesn't know it, the loud crackling from the loudspeakers when the music system is switched off or on quite helpfully unprofessionally or unintentionally. The MONACOR EVAB-22 reliably prevents this. The box, which is about the size of a cigarette box, is connected to a mains socket which is switched together with the socket of the amplifier. Then the EVAB-22 is connected in the signal path between the sound source, mixing console or preamplifier and the input of the amplifier. When the power supply is switched on, it now switches the sound signal through via a relay, delayed by a few seconds. When it is switched off, it immediately disconnects the sound source from the amplifier input.

The connection is made via cinch sockets. Alternatively, a 3.5 mm jack socket can be used on the input or output side. The EVAB-22 in a robust metal housing measures 66 x 37 x 14 mm and weighs just under 300g.

You can find the manual right here.


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