With the WALL-08T, we have now added the largest and most powerful version to the WALL series from MONACOR. It is equipped with the eponymous 20 cm (8") bass-midrange speaker as well as a 25 mm dome tweeter and features a power rating of 120 W max. In 100 V mode, power taps of 6.25/12.5/25 and 50 W are possible. With low-impedance use (8 Ω), it features a power rating of 60 W. With the corresponding mounting bracket for pivoting and tilting, the dimensions of the speaker system are 245 x 378 x 306 mm. The WALL-08T is available in black (/SW) and white (/WS). With a weatherproof plastic cabinet, mounting bracket, speaker grille and speakers as well as a fitted cover at the rear connecting terminal, the WALL-08T features protection rating IP65. While the frequency response of the WALL-04 starts at 90 Hz, the speakers WALL-08T provide a clearly more voluminous sound with a low frequency response of 35 Hz.

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