Link between mini jack, RCA and XLR

TCB-22 is an audio tool for any field of application which ensures a balanced and interference-free connection of audio signals from laptops, smartphones and other audio players to professional PA systems.

The TCB-22 is a 2-channel audio balancing transformer which converts an unbalanced audio signal into a balanced signal and vice versa.

It features passive balancing, i.e. without power supply. In addition, a DIP switch can be used to generate a mono signal from two input signals (stereo) without any loss. The galvanic signal separation via two built-in audio transformers with a transmission ratio of 1:1 and an input impedance of 5.3 kΩ/1 kHz and 5.4 kΩ/1 kHz output impedance also prevents interfering hum noise.
A robust metal housing reliably protects the components inside. The recessed connection jacks (RCA/3-pole XLR /3.5 mm stereo jack) also increase the application safety and durability of this tool.

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