PA applications of the future: MondeF

PA applications of the future: nowadays, MondeF audio streaming has become a fixed component, even in the professional sector.¬Customers and users put the focus on two requirements which should be met: first of all, the highly flexible and almost limitless availability of media at almost any location. Second of all, the digitisation requires an easily accessible operation of technologies.

MondeF is the new Audio over IP solution from MONACOR. It combines performance and reliability of traditional AV technology with the advantages of a modern IT infrastructure. MondeF offers Dante® network connectivity for up to 64 zones. Installation and setup of the system ensure maximum effectiveness. The possibilities are virtually endless thanks to the Dante® standard and MONACOR's compatible DT product range.
Thus, it allows you to program the entire PA application via IP network. The zone network audio servers offer:

- Standard broadcast services
- Stored advertising messages, e.g. for department stores or DIY shops
- Internet radio
- Possibility to use multiple playlists or streams simultaneously in different zones
- Possibility to precisely distribute (licence-free) music to individual zones via MP3
- Everything also to be managed via automated pre-set schedule
- System to be switched on or off automatically for each zone to ensure maximum energy efficiency

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