Consultation and communication made easy.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, screens made of safety glass or acrylic glass equally protect staff, patients and customers. With the TALKSAFE intercom system, you are now able to communicate clearly and intelligibly again.

The TALKSAFE is a safe, hygienic and flexible solution which is particularly suitable for acrylic walls and acrylic cubicles at pharmacies, doctors' surgeries, shops and supermarkets as well as for visitor boxes in retirement homes.

TALKSAFE is a set consisting of a microphone station for customers and a microphone station for staff, including installation material.

Infrared sensors detect if a person is standing in front of the device. If this happens, the TALKSAFE will automatically activate the customer microphone on one side of the hygiene screen and the staff speaker on the other side. A push button for activating and deactivating the microphone is installed on the staff side.

TALKSAFE is also suitable for subsequent installation. The microphone stations, with a weight of 160 g each and dimensions of only 86 x 111 x 26 mm, can be glued to the desired position. The station on the staff side has to be connected to the mains cable and via another cable to the other microphone station, then TALKSAFE is ready to use. TALKSAFE-1 is an additionally available version with a Bluetooth headset instead of a staff microphone station, thus allowing for more mobility for the staff.

Gegensprechanlage TALKSAFE an Hygienewand im Kassenbereich
Gegensprechanlage TALKSAFE an Hygienewand im Kassenbereich
Gegensprechanlage TALKSAFE-1 an Hygienewand im Servicebereich
Produktbild der Sprechstellen TALKSAFE
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