Are you an installer and are you implementing sound system projects?

Read on to find out 8 reasons why we are more than just a dealer in PA technology

As an installer or electrical installer, one question is clear: Why MONACOR? Why should you, as an installer or electrical installer, work with us? The short answer is: Because we never leave anyone stranded. We pride ourselves on offering solutions rather than individual products. The industry is increasingly working in this way today. The overall concept and requirements must mesh perfectly. The individual speaker makes the sound, yes. But where exactly the speaker or microphone is placed is just as crucial. That is why we offer comprehensive solutions. Concepts. Planning support. We support installers and electrical installers in their projects from start to finish. The long answer? It's all right here.

Do you regularly plan and implement sound system projects? We are happy to help with the planning. Because your project is our project.

Are you a retailer, installer or specialist planner and have questions?

Sven Schindler has answers:

1. Support provided by direct, dedicated contact persons

You are the pro when it comes to installation. You know how many paths the speaker needs and can interpret a frequency response. We complement your expertise with our expertise in all aspects of the right products. We know where our column speakers, ceiling speakers and miniature speakers come into their own. And which PA amplifiers and signal processors can fill a room with sound even better or more efficiently. We want our products to perform optimally in the field. For this, installation and planning must go hand in hand. We also cover this with an extensive magazine about PA technology and our industry:

In a nutshell: We have a sincere interest in making your project optimal with our technology. That is why every customer has a contact person with us. There is no anonymous call centre, we have experienced engineers and project managers.

2. Our technical project management

In recent years, many dealers have tended to reduce their technical service in order to conserve resources. Real experts have been replaced by call centres that refer to instructions for use or DIN standards. From our point of view, this is a bad development. Sure, working only with sales and support is cheaper. But this is how the industry is losing out on feedback from our closest partners:

  • Those who put PA technology into practice.

  • From those who climb the ladder in the restaurant and mount the ceiling speaker.

  • From those who ensure that everyone can be heard in a conference centre.

We have been running our technical project management for many years to foster this indispensable, constructive contact. We are not satisfied with simply selling PA technology internationally.

Thomas Mikus, Executive Managing Director

“As a leading solution provider for professional PA technology, we offer our customers a unique symbiosis of product and service. That is our mission."

Read more about our PA projects here

Multifunctional sound system for the restaurant Huqqa / The Market.
Perfect background sound in the restaurant in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.
A powerful sound and lighting system in the newly opened restaurant in Dubai.

3. Our Technical Customer Service – experienced developers and engineers provide you with support

When we work with installers and electrical installers, we always think about the long-term success of the project – ultimately, our customer's customer takes centre stage in all considerations. In addition to our technical project management, which accompanies the implementation, we also maintain our Technical Customer Service. The consists of experienced developers and engineers and is a key part of our range of services. How you benefit as an installer: Your contacts here are always technically competent. You are not "transferred to another person" – the contact is direct. We also have an nearly complete stock of spare parts and an extensive technical archive. This results in the fastest reaction and processing times for you – this is a matter of course for us, because we know how important a quick reaction is for your customers.

Have a look at our products:

4. Our marketing support for installers and electrical installers

Do you need support in communication? Do you want to reach new target groups or simply need good advertising material that highlights the strengths of the solutions? This is understandable – because you certainly don't always have the time, the resources or the in-house knowledge to do good marketing. Since we have been in the industry for so long, we have naturally built up a wealth of knowledge. We also share this knowledge. Please get in touch if you find our sales support interesting.

Michael Korte, Director Marketing

"We use the opportunities of digitalisation for the benefit of our customers. Both in terms of products and communication. This makes us faster and enables us to provide support that is second to none in the market."

Would you like to refresh your knowledge of PA technology? Or maybe learn something new?

5. Our quality management

We have a very strictly defined process for our quality and product management. This process begins with an extensive market analysis: What demands do installers and users place on modern and economically efficient PA technology that we and perhaps our market competitors do not yet meet? Here, too, it is important that we remain in close contact with our partner installers and thus have our "ear" directly to the ground. When we identify a need, our experienced product managers start working with in-house sample testers and the R&D department to develop innovative solutions. We scrutinise existing samples, products and suppliers, analyse deviations from quality standards and ultimately decide whether a completely new product range is needed or a variation of an existing one. The goal: To exceed your expectations as an installer of our products.

We set ourselves standards that go far beyond EU directives. We test all our samples and products thoroughly in our test laboratories and keep a record of the results.

6. Better conditions through our reference discount

We like to write about successful and particularly interesting sound system projects. This is how we inspire our large customer base to come up with new solutions. So if you implement a great project with our products, we would be happy to explore giving you a reference discount. Please contact our sales team.

7. Knowledge database and further education in our MONACOR Academy

We love sound system technology. We've been in the industry for decades. In countless department stores, restaurants, hotels and lecture halls our technology ensures good sound. During this time we have learned a lot. And the nice thing: Knowledge increases when it is shared. That is why we have decided to pass on our expertise to our customers. This ranges from small tips to specific expertise on new technology to training courses that come with their own certificates. During the corona pandemic, for example, we gave event organisers the opportunity to acquire a certificate in the field of permanent installations.

Because your projects are also our projects, we are happy to share the knowledge and experience we have gained over the past decades.

Of course, our MONACOR Academy does not replace vocational training. Our technicians, however, have been getting the same questions over and over again in the last few years. Sometimes it's a "How does that work again?" on topics related to the tried and tested 100-volt technology. Sometimes it's "Where can I get more training?" when it comes to new technologies like Dante® Audio and Audio over IP. Our MONACOR Academy is free of charge, but exclusively for our customers. It underscores our approach of not just being a dealer, but a partner.

8. Our responsibility – in three dimensions

We are a company that embraces and maintains Hanseatic traditions. Business only works when there is a relationship between people, even in the age of digitalisation.

Responsibility to our customers

Quality begins at the very beginning of the supply chain, when we select our suppliers and partners. Because quality is more than good sound. And some things are not negotiable for us: No child labour, high standards of occupational health and safety, adequate wages, maximum transparency when mistakes are made. To this end, we carry out regular and extensive quality checks ("supplier audits") on our partners.

Responsibility towards our customers' customers

Quality is no coincidence. The fact that we repeatedly subject our products to tough tests and also "mercilessly" reject products that do not meet our standards is what we call our "offensive quality policy". We are pleased to maintain our own acoustics laboratory for this purpose. We do quality controls for our sound system technology in two ways: in-house and through independent agencies at the production sites.

Internal responsibility

As a solution provider, we only work as well as each individual in the team. That's why we as an employer offer many benefits and the best possible working conditions, both technically and from a social point of view. This includes flextime and working from home. In addition, there is the opportunity to develop further within the company through subsidised further and advanced training. Our commercial trainees and integrated degree students gain international experience, our technicians attend conferences and training courses every year.

At a glance:

  1. Support provided by direct, dedicated contact persons

  2. Knowledge database and further education in our MONACOR Academy

  3. Our technical project management

  4. Our Technical Customer Service

  5. Our marketing support for installers and electrical installers

  6. Our quality management

  7. Better conditions through our reference discount

  8. Our responsibility – in three dimensions

Did we convince you? If so, we are looking forward to the next project with you. Write to us, we will call you back!

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