Trampoline Park

Flush-mount speakers and surface-mount speakers
1,600–1,900 m2

Sven Schindler
Technical Project Management
+49 421 4865 351

Powerful PA system in trampoline parks

Customer requirements:

  • Continuous PA application throughout the entire hall, suitable for reproduction of music and speech
  • Speakers applied in the trampoline areas to provide a high-quality sound and feature a high volume capability
  • Background music in the restaurant area, changing rooms and sanitary facilities
  • Reception of digital radio stations (DAB/DAB+) as well as audio reproduction from a media server in the local network
  • Microphone station for announcements to either all or selected areas of operation
High-performance loudspeakers with 2-way bass-reflex system provide a powerful sound for the hall


For the PA application in the large hall, we have applied the tried and tested speakers PAB-6WP/WS. A total of 8 high-performance PA speaker systems with a 2-way bass-reflex system provide the required sound quality and volume levels.

They are driven by a high-power mono amplifier PA-1960 which features a power rating of 960 W. In the restaurant area, speaker systems WALL-05T/SW deliver pleasant background music for the PA application. The power is supplied via mono power amplifier PA-912S (1 x 120 W). Flush-mount ceiling speakers EDL-16 and 2-way speaker systems WALL-06T/SW deliver unobtrusive and pleasant background music to changing rooms and hallways.

A mono power amplifier PA-924S (1 x 240 W) provides sufficient power. The sound system is controlled via easy-to-use 4-zone mixer PA-6040MPX which is connected ahead of the PA power amplifiers and allows for connection of one or multiple microphone stations. The sound level is automatically lowered when announcements are made. The Internet radio WAP-204RS is able to receive interference-free digital radio (DAB+) and features a Bluetooth interface as well as an MP3 player. v74

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