Supermarket (EN-54)

Flush-mount speakers and surface-mount speakers, 
2,600–3,200 m2

Frank Kammer
Technical Project Management
+49 421 4865 360

Solution: Supermarket (EN-54)

Customer requirements

  • Voice alarm system for alerting and evacuating people in case of an emergency
  • In case of a fault, a functional PA system which ensures a sufficiently clear announcement in every affected area
  • Maximum operating reliability due to 24 V emergency power supply
  • A/B speaker distribution according to EN 60849
  • Transmission of background music and/or announcements in 4 zones
Supermarket (EN 54)


EN 54-certified PA solutions have to convince with excellent speech intelligibility as well as comply with the high requirements of European standards. Voice alarm systems (VAS), for example, ensure the fastest possible evacuation from a danger zone.

The speakers EDL-165AB/WS, ESP-62AB/WS and RL-1ENABDS which are used in the sales areas and adjoining rooms feature two independent transformers each, thus applying A/B line cabling in accordance with EN 60849. This means that a fault in the amplifier or on a transmission path does not automatically lead to a failure of the voice alarm system in an alarm section. Each A/B speaker is driven by 2 x PA power amplifier SINUS-220 (2 x 240 W each).

As the central unit, the MEVAC-4 is used to transmit microphone announcements, stored evacuation messages (MP3 format) or background music. The controller ensures all required and necessary monitoring functions for up to 4 speaker lines and features connections for system microphone station MEVAC-4PTT and up to 2 x fireman’s microphone MEVAC-1FH (hand-held microphone).

The MAESTRO-1 can also be used to make announcements from any telephone connected to the telephone system. Apart from emergencies, the VAS is also used for other purposes (e.g. background music, advertising, staff announcements). A digital stereo tuner FM-102DAB is used as a music source. - David Fuentes

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