Flush-mount speakers, 
1,500–1,900 m2

Sven Schindler
Technical Project Management
+49 421 4865 351

Solution: Supermarket 1500-1900 m2

Customer requirements

  • PA application with quiet and pleasant background music
  • Microphone announcements with excellent speech intelligibility
  • Four separate PA zones for individual voice transmissions and music reproductions
  • Media streaming via LAN and WLAN
  • Reproduction of (Internet) radio or MP3 files
Supermarket 1500–1900 m2


The PA ceiling speakers EDL-15 provide a high-quality sound with a consistent radiation and are therefore perfectly suitable for the reproduction of music and speech in supermarkets.

The 4-zone mono mixing amplifier PA-40120 allows you to set up a multi-zone system for an independent PA application in the sales area, storage area and sanitary facilities.

For music reproductions, the audio player WAP-204RS features an integrated FM and DAB+ tuner as well as an integrated Internet Radio.

The microphone stations in the back office and in the checkout area allow for staff to easily make quick announcements to individual zones or all zones. - thaiview

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