Small Shop

Surface-mount speakers, 
90–150 m2

Michael Krebbing
Technical Project Management
49 421 4865 352

Solution: Small Shop, 90-150 m2

Customer requirements:

  • Background music for a pleasant surrounding to promote sales, without being obtrusive
  • Music reproduction of MP3 files via connected USB flash drive
  • User-friendly operation, even for non-technical users
Small Shop, 90–150 m2


The speakers EUL-60/SW are perfectly integrated into the concept of the shop and provide a well-balanced sound for the reproduction of pleasant and unobtrusive background music.

For music reproductions, the mono PA mixing amplifier PA-812DMP features an MP3 player with USB port for connecting a flash drive.

With two components only, the system remains uncluttered and impresses with an easy yet highly reliable operation. The amplifier features additional connections for the reproduction from various audio sources, e.g. audio players with radio function or media streaming via network.

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