Seminar Room

Surface-mount speakers, 
80–150 m2

Sven Schindler
Technical Project Management
+49 421 4865 351

Solution: Seminar Room, 80-150 m2

Customer requirements

Seminar Room, 80–150 m2


The particularly slim line array speakers ETS-120SL/WS are applied as front speakers. The high-performance design speakers impress by an unobtrusive and elegant design, yet feature an excellent sound quality.

Two PA speaker systems ESP-230/WS provide a reliable PA application, even in the back rows.

The applied mono mixing amplifier PA-4040 provides extensive connection facilities and easily meets the requirements of any multi-zone application.

The Bluetooth receiver WSA-10BT receives radio signals from any Bluetooth device (e.g. laptop or smartphone) and then transmits them to the PA system of the seminar room. Wilfried

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