Surface-mount speakers, 
250–500 m2

Sven Schindler
Technical Project Management
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Solution: Offices, 250-500 m2

Customer requirements

Offices, 250-500 m2


PA speaker systems WALL-05T/WS are used for the PA application in the offices which feature volume controls ATT-524PEU.

The conference room is equipped with the more powerful WALL speaker systems WALL-08T/WS. With its mounting bracket, both models can easily be mounted to either the wall or ceiling.

The compact wall-mount speakers ESP-134/WS provide an excellent sound in the corridors.

Each speaker series is connected to the matrix amplifier PA-12040 which provides a total output of 4 x 120 W. Thus, it is possible to distribute the connected speakers to up to 4 speaker zones and allow for an individual volume control.

We are using digital stereo tuner FM-102DAB as an audio player which receives FM radio and interference-free digital radio. Christian Hillebrand

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