Flush-mount speakers, 
250–500 m2

Frank Kammer
Technical Project Management
+49 421 4865 360

Solution: Offices, 250-500 m2

Customer requirements:

  • Unobtrusive flush-mount ceiling speakers for reproduction of music and speech
  • Pleasant background music with individual volume control for each office
  • Announcements made via microphone stations at the reception to have priority and briefly interrupt the background music
  • Music reproduction of radio, CD and USB storage media
  • Speakers in the conference room with excellent sound characteristics for multifunctional use, e.g. for lectures and presentations 
Büroräume, 250-500 m2


The unobtrusive flush-mount ceiling speakers EDL-10TW combine an excellent sound quality with highest speech intelligibility.

Wall-mounted PA volume controls allow for an individual volume control of the background music in the offices. We have also installed 4 speakers EDL-620 in the treatment rooms.

Both speaker series are driven by the high-performance power amplifier PA-6240. A CD module PA-1140RCD for the front insertion compartment of the amplifier is used as an audio source which allows for a music reproduction from radio, CD or a USB storage medium.

When making announcements at the reception via the microphone station PA-6000RC, all other audio channels are muted thanks to the adjustable priority function.

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