Indoor Riding Arena

Surface-mount speakers, 
800–1200 m2

Sven Schindler
Technical Project Management
+49 421 4865 351

Solution: Indoor Riding Arena, 800-1200 m2

Customer requirements

  • Music reproduction with an excellent sound quality, e.g. for background music during dressage programs
  • Versatile audio player for the reproduction of various audio sources
  • Compact microphone with two-way communication for riding lessons
  • Applied speakers to provide an excellent sound with an excellent bass volume
  • Robust speakers, insusceptible to dust, heat and moisture
Indoor Riding Arena


The music horns IT-350/EN have been used for a consistent sound radiation in an indoor riding arena. Regardless of whether used for basic riding lessons or at a competition, the 2-way technology allows for a high-quality music reproduction and meets high musical standards, too. The speaker with IP66 certification is resistant to dust, heat and moisture and perfectly meets the challenging requirements of an indoor riding arena.

The mono mixing amplifier PA-924 provides an output power of 1 x 240 W and features versatile connection facilities.

The multi-purpose audio player CD-112RDS/ BT is used for the music reproduction and plays CDs as well as MP3 files and also features additional reproduction options via radio and Bluetooth.

With the digital voice transmission system ATS-22, the riding lessons are going to be even easier: riders are provided with the extra lightweight receiver ATS-22R and an unobtrusive earphone. Instructions of the riding instructor are communicated via the transmitter ATS-22T.

The highlight: thanks to the two-way communication function, it is possible for the riding pupil to ask questions, too.

Another advantage: the hands-free operation allows for the instructor and rider to move freely within the operating range (up to 100 metres).

A desktop microphone PDM-302 can be connected to the PA system for commentating riding competitions, for example. - mRGB

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