Function room

Surface-mount speakers, 
150–340 m2

Sven Schinidler
Technical Project Management
+49 421 4865 351

Solution: Function Room, 150-340 m2

Customer requirements

  • Flexible solution for versatile PA applications
  • Efficient speakers to provide a powerful sound with an excellent sound quality
  • Music reproduction from CD, MP3 or wireless via a laptop with integrated Bluetooth module
  • Connection facility for one or several (wireless) microphones
Saal, 150-340 m2


The PA speaker systems EUL-2/SW provide a well-balanced and dynamic sound and thus, allow for versatile reproductions of music and speech. Two subwoofers EUL-2SUB/SW provide a low and dynamic bass reproduction.

Speaker systems and subwoofer are driven by a power amplifier PA-2240 with 2 x 240 W. A preamplifier PA-1414MX is connected in front of the power amplifier which provides versatile connection facilities and feeds the input channel to either one channel or two channels.

A CD and MP3 player is used as an audio source and provides most versatile reproduction options: the CD-112RDS/BT with integrated FM RDS tuner allows for reproduction from USB storage media and SD/MMC cards as well as wireless music reproduction via Bluetooth.

In addition, it is also possible to connect a microphone signal to the preamplifier, if required. - Lenslife

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