Flush-mount speakers and surface-mount speakers, 
2,800-5,500 m2

Sven Schindler
Technical Project Management
+49 421 4865 351

Solution: Campsite, 2800-5500 m2

Customer requirements

  • Robust and reliable PA system for announcements and instructions of the staff with a high speech intelligibility
  • 6 separate PA  sound zones, to be controlled individually
  • Unobtrusive background music indoors, including restaurant and reception area
  • Music reproduction via FM radio or DAB+
  • High-quality weatherproof speaker systems in the outdoor area of the restaurant
  • Zone paging microphone in the back office or at the reception
  • Maximum operating safety due to 24 V emergency power supply
Campsite, 2800-5500 m2


The PA system on a campsite is mainly required for voice reproductions. For the wide open area, we have used weatherproof horn speakers IT-40 with IP66 certification. Unobtrusive background music is additionally required for both the entrance area with an adjoining little restaurant and the sanitary facilities of the main building.

In the restaurant, we have used hi-fi ceiling speakers ESP-22/WS. The 2-way version (full range speaker with movable dome tweeter) ensures an excellent sound quality. In addition, we have also applied the 2-way speaker systems ESP-232/SW with IP55 certification to provide a well-balanced and unobtrusive background music on the terrace of the restaurant.

In the sanitary facilities, we have used compact flush-mount speakers EDL-22/WS.

All of the 4 speaker series are driven by mono mixing amplifier PA-6480 with a power rating of 480 W for up to 6 zones.

A connected desktop microphone PA-4000PTT in the office or at the reception is used as a microphone station for making important announcements.

It is also possible to play stored messages via digital message insertion module PA-1120DMT (time-controlled) which is integrated in the amplifier. If the operation is to be maintained during a power failure, connection to a 24 V emergency unit PA-24ESB is recommended. The music for the background is inserted via digital stereo tuner FM-102DAB. - joyt

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