Ice Cream Parlour

Flush-mount speakers,
100–140 m

Sven Schindler
Technical Project Management
+49 421 4865 351

Solution: Ice Cream Parlour 100-140 m2

Customer requirements:

  • Unobtrusive background music which still allows you to hold a conversation without any problems
  • Unobtrusive ceiling speakers to provide a powerful sound
  • Music reproduction of mobile audio players via Bluetooth connection
Ice Cream Parlour


The 2-way hi-fi ceiling speakers EDL-42HQ feature excellent sound characteristics and ensure a high-quality music reproduction in the rooms.

The speakers are driven by a mono class D mixing amplifier PA-914D with a power rating of 140 W. The amplifier is fanless and thus ensures an absolutely noiseless operation. The integrated class D concept with PASCAL amplifier module impresses with a particularly high efficiency.

The Bluetooth audio receiver WSA-20BT is used for the music reproduction from mobile audio players to the audio system. As soon as a connection is established via Bluetooth, media contents can be streamed directly to the speaker system. Khorzhevska

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