Surface-mount speakers,
270–420 m2

Solution: Mosque, 270-420 m2

Customer requirements

    • Speech reproduction for acoustic amplification, e.g. of prayers or sermons
    • Natural sound and high speech intelligibility throughout the entire mosque, despite challenging and difficult room acoustics
    • Elegant speakers for an unobtrusive integration into the existing architecture
    • Versatile audio player for playback of the Quran and for recording prayers and sermons
    • Hearing assistance directly to hearing aids or inductive receivers through magnetic induction
    Mosque 270–420 m2


    Sound radiations in sacred buildings are particularly challenging for AV specialists because of the numerous reflections. Due to the echo caused by the unfavourable environment, speech intelligibility is often poor or non-existent.

    The modern active column speaker ALX-8 from Aimline Audio with electronic control easily meets these challenges. The multibeam systems allow for a highly directional radiation and thus provide excellent speech intelligibility and a brilliant music reproduction, even with very difficult room acoustics. For this purpose, we have used 8 x 10 cm full range speakers, 8 digital power amplifiers with a power capability of 40 W each and 8 DSP channels.

    Two speakers ALX-8 are sufficient for a perfect PA application in a mosque because multibeam allows you to realise a total of 4 listening areas independent of each other. Both of the active DSP beam steering column speakers are connected to the preamplifier output of the PA-1414MX from MONACOR. The premium professional active subwoofer ALSUB-12ADT is complementing the low bass frequency range of the ALX-8, thus ensuring a powerful sound.

    The DPR-110 from MONACOR is used for the audio reproduction which features a USB interface and a SD/MMC card slot as well as a recording function. In addition, the CD/MP3 player CD-112/BT from MONACOR has also been applied which allows to connect laptops, smartphones or tablet PCs for media reproductions via the integrated Bluetooth receiver.
    By the way: the ALX beam steering series is capable of Audio over IP due to the built-in Dante® module. Control data and Dante® audio streams are transmitted via the same Cat. connection cable, no separate control wire required.

    What are the advantages of beam steering?

    With beam steering, each individual speaker of the column speaker will be controlled via its own power amplifier channel and DSP channel. For example, the ALX-8 is equipped with 8 speakers, 8 power amplifier channels and 8 DSP channels. All of the speakers work together and create the required beam: the vertical beam can continuously be adjusted from 5° to 40° and the aperture angle from -40° to +40°. These particularly flexible configuration parameters allow for a very precise radiation in each listening area.

    Each ALX-8 can create two independent beams (multibeam) and thus one system is able to provide for 2 separate listening areas. This special feature allows for an individually directed polar pattern. Each ALX-8 can cover a listening area of up to 25 metres with a consistent speech intelligibility and sound pressure over the entire distance.

    The user-friendly Windows software is used for real-time operation. The software simulation shows the user exactly where the sound is directed to. At the same time, the listener can also hear the result. This ensures synchronous listening and watching.

    A beam steering system is extremely user-friendly and easy to install. The installation effort and cabling can clearly be reduced with multibeam. You can, of course, continue to use already existing 2-wire systems, e.g. 100 V or speaker cables.

    You need more power for your project? No problem, the active column speaker ALX-8 can be cascaded with up to 6 other units of the series in order to achieve a bigger column. Hence, limit frequency, sound pressure and operating range can perfectly be matched to the respective application and location.   

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